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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from a mesmeric technology to a foundation for consumer and business decision making; however, businesses are hindered by a lack of software, processes, and talent to help them rapidly and securely design, assemble, deploy, and manage AI-powered products and processes. CognitiveScale Cortex 5 simplifies design, development, delivery, and management of enterprise-grade AI systems that weave knowledge and learning across the enterprise—from front office to back office to mission critical core functions.

Cortex 5 Capabilities

AI Industry Accelerators

Rich marketplace of high value data sources, models, skills, and AI applications

AI Orchestration

Choreograph AI data sets, models, and skills to generate actionable insights, automate processes

AI Personalization

Profile of One tailors insights and experiences to drive rich engagement, experiences, and actions

Explainable AI

AI explains outcomes in human understandable form, helps incorporate human feedback

AI Governance

End to end visibility and control of AI systems performance and assurance

Continuous Learning

Learn continuously from declared, observed, and inferred signals in real time

AI Marketplace

An online AI collaboration system that brings together thousands of high value, industry specific data, models, algorithms, and digital professional services in an open and easily consumable fashion to help business experts, researchers, data scientists and developers work through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way.

AI Platform

An AI Lifecycle Management platform that bridges the tooling gap between data science workflows and the software development lifecycle and radically reduces the skills and expertise required to design, deploy and manage complex AI systems at scale. Cortex provides critical capabilities such as secure data and IP asset ownership, visual AI system design, machine learning model lifecycle optimization, explainability, personalization, continuous learning, and algorithmic trust and assurance.

AI Compute

Unique GPU and CPU optimized edge compute with data and model privacy, transparency, and security. Brings compute to the data vs requiring clients to upload their data to the cloud.

AI Systems

A family of trained and proven AI software agents that deliver AI-powered personalization for consumer engagement (Engage Agents) and AI-powered process automation (Amplify Agents).  These agents are delivered as a service and built and managed by the Cortex AI Platform for enterprise grade AI performance and assurance.

AI Powered Customer Experience


Transforms customer engagement and conversion through a profile of one engagement

ENGAGE AI Accelerators

Ready-to-use insight and process models to power use cases around customer engagement and personalization

  • Capture machine-accumulated knowledge for individualized real-time view of every customer from all available data
  • Deliver personalized digital experiences through recommendations and hyper-personalized next best offers and feeds
  • Support multi-way communications and experiences between object and brand, object and consumer, and consumer-to-consumer

AI Augmented Process Intelligence


Drives intelligent process automation, transforms exception handling and decision support

AMPLIFY AI Accelerators

Ready-to-use insight and process models to power use cases around exception handling and employee decision support

  • Anticipate, detect, and resolve anomalous or exceptional conditions in back office activity and suggest next best actions to employees
  • Improve employee situational awareness leading to improved decision-making by gathering and analyzing evidence from internal and external data
  • Explore, understand, and highlight relationships between policies, people, and assets across multiple organizational silos to drive compliance and reduce risk-related costs

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