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Customer Acquisition

Acquisition and Underwriting Insights

AI in Insurance helps enhance customer experience from prospecting, to on-boarding, to policy management. Develop and deliver individualized products and services. Improve pricing to risk correlation.

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AI for Insurance - Customer Acquisition Dashboard
AI for Insurance - Claim Prevention Insights

Risk and Compliance

Insurance Claims Prevention Insights

Incorporate data from multiple sources, including location (city, census, flood zone), IoT devices (shutoff valves, home alarm systems), current events, and news to decrease claims.

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Revenue Management

Intelligent Policy Adjustment

Improve calibration of insurance policy premiums and underwriting risks with current risk factors; Improve product profitability.

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Machine Learning for Insurance - Intelligent Policy Adjustment
AI for Insurance - Employee Training Dashboard



Provide real-time contextual insurance insights and training with AI to deliver improved member experience, reduced call center costs, and improved skills knowledge workers

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Insurance AI Journey

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