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Customer Engagement

Wealth and Client Advisory Insights

Deliver AI powered Advisor cockpit with banking recommendations to wealth and financial advisors, allowing them to scale their expertise to manage more clients and also increase client intimacy.

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AI Baking Insights Dashboard
Deep Learning Financial Insights Dashboard on iPhone

Customer Engagement

Retail Investor Insights

Personalize equity insights to retail consumers based on their prior trading history, market trends, news feeds, and market changes. Customize investment and trading decisions based on real-time market data and deep learning trading insights.

Customer Engagement

Securities and Research Insights

Deep learning in finance allows for personalized engagement with institutional clients, and improved research quality through real-time equity insights.

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AI Banking Insights
AI in Banking - Compliance Dashboard

Risk and Compliance

AI in Banking and Compliance Insights

Apply machine-learning automation to reduce compliance risk incidents associated with key banking processes such as AML, KYC, fraud, complaints, and information governance while reducing operating costs.

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