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Cortex Care Optimization

The Member/Patient journey through the healthcare system and care management programs can benefit greatly from personalized AI-powered insights. Understanding the cost of care and its impact on quality of care is challenging for patients, providers and payers. Proactive insights based on higher qual ... Read more »

Cortex Claims Transformation

Healthcare payers and providers are challenged to manage claims, remittance, and payment data across the claims adjudication and revenue cycle ecosystem. Payers are looking to AI for improvements in a number of areas: increase adjudication accuracy, automation rates, and speed; move towards real-tim ... Read more »

Service Experience in Healthcare

The Healthcare Member, Patient or Provider journey through the service experience process can benefit greatly from personalized AI-powered insights. Proactive insights delivered at the right time via the right channel (mobile, web, call center, conversational AI, etc.) can alter the trajectory of th ... Read more »

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

Engineer better patient outcomes while lowering costs through predictive and proactive personalized care. Profiles form a key foundation for personalized insights and proactive interventions. ... Read more »

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