CognitiveScale recognized in CB Insights: Game Changers 2022 »


Cortex Inclusion Advocacy in Banking

Cortex Certifai is enabling the banking industry to inspect data and models for bias, fairness, explainability, and accuracy – and address risks such as credit or collections discrimination ... Read more »

Cortex Trust and Governance

Cortex Certifai provides explainability, fairness, robustness, and compliance to your applications—the anchors of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence ... Read more »

Consumer Lending and Credit: Tackle Business Risks from AI

The key regulatory issues in consumer lending and credit – fair lending, consumer notification and reporting, and unfair, discriminatory or abusive acts or practices – have implications for various AI business risks.  Institutions should get ahead of the issue and tackle AI business risks head-on ... Read more »

Implementing AI Trust in Customer Experience

In 2019, Ovum conducted a market survey and analysis among customer experience (CX) managers and customer-facing employees regarding the current state of their company AI strategies as well as future plans and visions ... Read more »

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