Accelerating innovation through responsible AI

AI offers great promise to transform the way we work, play, and live. However, for businesses to deploy AI they need to feel safe that their AI systems reflect their core values and policies. We call these Responsible AI systems.

Responsible AI systems are characterized by transparency, accountability and fairness, where users have full visibility into what data is being used and how and an understanding of how AI models are executing with on-going evaluation of the system benefits and impacts. View the video to learn more.

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Product Enhancements


Support for AI Specs

  • Open Cognitive Agent modeling & Execution Language (CAMEL v1)
  • Rolled out via open communities

Non Profit AI Do-Tank

  • AI-Global in partnership with IEEE, Dell Technologies, USAA, WEF
  • World’s First Open AI Marketplace

Social Accelerator

  • Responsible AI Accelerator launch
  • Partnership with Entrepreneurs Fund
  • 100 social impact projects by 2025

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