Report: Cognitive Scale Recognized By Independent Research Firm as a Platform for Building Cognitive Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an independent research report by Forrester Research, Cognitive Scale, the cognitive cloud company, has been included among the cognitive services platforms for building cognitive solutions.

The report, “Artificial Intelligence Can Finally Unleash Your Business Applications’ Creativity,” Forrester Research, Inc., February 10, 2015, states: “Cognitive Scale is the “power builder” of cognitive applications and processes, making it easier to integrate cognitive intelligence into any business process and enterprise application.”

Cognitive Scale powers standards-based cognitive clouds, which are a new class of data interpretation and learning systems. They fuse structured and unstructured data types such as text, tweets, blogs, images, and videos, to enable businesses to make sense of the massive amounts of data they accumulate and analyze daily.

“We believe Cognitive Scale’s inclusion in this report speaks to the strength of our cognitive cloud platform and approach towards extracting critical insights and advice from this massive explosion of data to solve real customer problems,” said Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO, Cognitive Scale. “These solutions are starting to demonstrate breakthrough value to our customers in verticals such as healthcare and retail and across processes such as procurement, employee service and human resources.”

Additionally, Cognitive Scale is cited in the report for its standards-based platform that works with IBM Watson as well as other platforms including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

The report states: “Cognitive Scale allows users to compose existing cognitive capabilities in new ones or to leverage cognitive services and data analytics that other cloud platforms, like Watson, Amazon, etc., provide. Forrester sees the possible “Switzerland of cognitive integration,” in Cognitive Scale, playing the role of a standard orchestrator of different cognitive ecosystems, although today it’s mainly the Watson one.”

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