Cortex AI Platform

Everything you need to build and manage trusted AI solutions that integrate with existing systems, leverage all your data for decision intelligence and drive goal-driven outcomes for faster business value.

We know enterprise AI.
So, we built a platform to get it done.

The business case for AI is clear, yet businesses struggle when it comes to operationalizing and proving outcomes. Different technologies and standalone tools make returning maximum value tough. If you have projects underway, are the results trusted and how are you detecting and managing business risk?

The Cortex AI Platform lets you industrialize enterprise AI so you can drive trusted outcomes across your business. Unify reliable data with intelligent systems and easily infuse actionable decision intelligence into existing business processes and applications — using any data, and any model, on any cloud.

With AI control, automated build and ready-made app blueprints, you get true end-to-end AI, from production to deployment and beyond. Even better, Cortex is an open platform that runs on your cloud, so you can deploy it however you want for maximum competitive edge.

Industrialize AI—Develop, Control, and Accelerate in a single platform.

With over 200 AI patents—the most of any private company—we help companies do three things: build a new class of AI applications using a consistent toolchain, lifecycle, and methodology, establish and maintain a responsible AI based governance program and fast track trusted, reliable outcomes. Here’s how it works.

Build and Manage AI Applications with personalization and trust.

At the automation layer, build AI-powered systems quickly and easily, leveraging existing data, rules, ML and analytics to drive personalization at scale while measuring business outcomes and KPIs.

Orchestrate across any number of models, simulate output to validate your application in record time, and get your applications into production with ease.

Break down barriers to building and scaling intelligent systems and finally solve the last mile problem of operationalizing AI with a proven approach to development using a Trusted AI Lifecycle.

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Checks and Balances—Built in.

Ensure a more robust, transparent, and fair AI system, with governance built directly into the platform for control.

Rapidly detect and reduce AI business risk, automate governance concerns, and scan decision models across 5 key dimensions—Bias and Fairness, Explainability, Robustness, and Performance.

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Infuse decision intelligence into existing processes and accelerate results.

On top of the platform, pre-built offerings can help you automate insights, actions and learnings, so you can hyper-personalize across the entire journey of your customer, infusing intelligence into every phase, from acquisition and engagement to service.

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