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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Making Responsible AI a priority: Our commitment to helping 1 Billion people by 2020

Having worked with hundreds of global companies in my career, I have learned that building trust is critical to driving adoption and impact from technology. According to a MIT Sloan review of AI in 2017 Enterprises globally agree that AI will be a competitor differentiator to move into new markets. But concerns and challenges around data and IP ownership, transparency of automated decisions, access to data and models and governance in general are acting as brakes on AI adoption.

When you see news around unintended experiences delivered by AI powered solutions, be it Wiki bots that engage in online feuds, or a soap dispenser that only responds to lighter skin, it further highlights the need for leadership from the industry to build AI systems that reflect the core values and policies of the business and society.   We call this Responsible AI – a framework which takes a people and ethics first approach to designing products that deliver ethically aligned outcomes.

At CognitiveScale, we have positively impacted over a 100 million people with AI. We founded the company on the belief that augmenting humans and not replacing them, is the right way to apply AI and is the larger opportunity for the society and humankind as a whole.  So, today, we are announcing four multi-year initiatives to further Responsible AI which you can learn about in this short video:

As an emerging leader in the Enterprise AI market, we take our responsibility of building ethically aligned systems very seriously and are excited about these four initiatives which will positively impact 1 billion people by 2020 to make better decisions and live better lives.

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