Just in time for Valentine’s Day: AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis from CognitiveScale

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Because nothing makes the heart flutter quite like next-generation machine learning!

How does that special someone really feel about you? Most people might try to guess at the feelings of others, but we are not most people. A.) We’re pretty geeky, and B.) we use an artificial intelligence skill called sentiment analysis to assess the moods of a lot of people who we do not know and cannot see. Given the volumes of data that our customers process, we have to apply quantitative methods to large datasets rather than rely on individual interactions.


So, let’s define our terms.

Sentiment Analysis is the process of classifying text or topics in terms of mood, subjectivity, and sentiment (positive vs. negative).

Consider this text:
“The best way to spread Valentine’s cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.”

The Sentiment Analysis Skill in our Cortex augmented intelligence platform produces the following analysis of that text:

“polarity”: 1,

“subjectivity”: 0.3,

“polarity label”: “positive”,

“subjectivity label”: “subjective”

Charming, huh?

While that’s not exactly a Shakespeare sonnet, sentiment analysis provides critical information that data scientists and business leaders love. It translates voluminous text into measurable classifications that help us understand how complex humans are feeling.

Here are just a few business applications using sentiment analysis:

1. Movie review sentiment from social media can gauge how fans are reacting to a movie, providing early indications at profitability.

2. Product review sentiment can detect flaws or areas of customer dissatisfaction early on in the product lifecycle.

3. Stock (equity) sentiment can be tracked to determine investor sentiment trends over time.

4. News topic sentiment (e.g. Fed rate changes) can be tracked over time to gauge market opinion.

As business leaders continue to embrace notions of “customer intimacy,” AI-powered sentiment analysis will capture a special place in our heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team at CognitiveScale!


About the author:

Scott Turner handles marketing for CognitiveScale. Scott has a graduate degree in Operations Research and he used multivariate regression analysis when researching and pricing his wife’s engagement ring.