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What are five reasons enterprise AI needs to be industry specific?

Industry-specific AI software speed up implementations and return-on-investment of enterprise grade AI systems. Here are five practical reasons why your AI platform needs to be industry-optimized:

Data & Vocabulary

Every industry has unique data types, and vocabulary. Your AI platform should include a robust set of extensible and scalable business and technical data models tailored for your industry to speed time to value

Regulations & Compliance

Each industry has a unique set of compliance and regulatory requirements. Your AI platform should include extensible patterns  to support these requirements out of the box to build high quality AI systems.

Performance Metrics

Each industry uses different KPIs to  measure success based on specific business goals and targets. Your AI platform should include a rich set of metrics for assessing AI’s impact to help measure and optimize AI performance.

Human-Machine Experience

Each domain has its own unique micro-interactions. Your AI platform should include design patterns that model these interactions to drive adoption and improve efficiency and workflow while reducing costs.

Learning Models

AI systems learn from data and interactions. Your AI platform should support industry specific continuous learning models all the way down the stack from user interface, to process and models, and to data.

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