From Lab to Live

Five Entry Points to Unlock Business Value from AI Today


Personalize human engagement to drive user engagement and conversion

Business Outcome:
Increased conversion by 23%.  Lifted engagement 44% in 7 months.


Improve business process efficiency to reduce costs and improve cycle time

Business Outcome:
Improved invoice resolution from 64% to 95%. $3m/year in collections and labor.


Build smarter digital & physical products that improve utilization, change markets

Business Outcome:
Answered the question “What makes a good ad?” Transformed content creation and monetization for TV ads.


Act and learn from all available poly-structured data to drive business value

Business Outcome:
Improved regulatory compliance of information assets. Projected millions of dollars saved annually.


Harness and distribute machine accumulated knowledge for impact

Business Outcome:
Improving collections through early identification of accounts at risk. >90% accuracy

There is much optimism about the potential of AI for transforming core business processes and accelerating innovation.  However, many businesses are faced with a large gap between ambition and execution.

Businesses are using CognitiveScale’s software and unique 10-10-10 method to pursue AI adoption the right way: by taking a business outcome-centric view and a project-based approach that delivers measurable business value in 90 day increments. Above are five proven entry points where CognitiveScale customers have drastically improved their business.

Quick Time to Value

CognitiveScale customers place a premium on quickly unlocking the power of AI. That is why we employ our one-of-a-kind 10-10-10 methodology to deploy AI software in customers’ production environments. The result is much faster time to market and value, avoiding the delays and uncertain outcomes that are so common with AI “science projects”.

Model a use case and set up environment for developers and data scientists

Build a functioning prototype using your data and expertise

Deploy a live AI powered system and develop expertise in-house