Cortex Powered Engage AI

With the advance of new devices and intelligent endpoints, a company and brand’s connection with consumers becomes much more varied and complicated. These new channels and technologies also open up fresh opportunities to help businesses identify, service, and build an ongoing dialogue with customers as unique individuals, not segments.

Transform Customer Engagement and Lifetime value

Our Engage AI family of Cognitive Processes leverages omni-channel structured and unstructured data to understand customers as segments of one to drive deeper engagement, conversion, and share of wallet. The goal of these processes is to boost customer engagement and conversion through hyper personalization while continuously learning about customer preferences and keeping up with ever-changing contexts through a next generation customer system of record built through machine accumulated insights from internal and external data.

Engage AI Cognitive Processes pair humans and machines in variety of engagement patterns. This includes presenting recommendations with reasons as a cognitive API that can be plugged into your mobile or web application to powering chat bots to escalating the current process for human intervention and assistance.

These Cognitive Processes are made of accelerators and framework – and are configured and managed through Cortex, our Cognitive Process Foundation. For more information visit our Technology page.

Engage AI

Intelligent Customer Engagement


Intelligent Customer Engagement

Features and Benefits

  • Transform customer experience and engagement at the edge of your enterprise.
  • Understand, engage, and service customers through unique profile of one technology
  • Deliver personalized digital experiences through recommendations and hyper-personalized next best offers and feeds
  • Continuously build next generation customer system of record through machine-accumulated knowledge
  • Monetize all your client information and engagement through all channels and all available data
  • Support multi-way communications and experiences between object and brand, object and consumer, and consumer-to-consumer


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