Start Free with the Cortex Certifai Toolkit

Build trust into digital systems by detecting and scoring black-box data and model risks

Detect and score black-box model and data risks to add trust-as-a-service to digital systems

Eight out of ten AI and ML projects are stalled today due to black-box AI.  Learn how Cortex Certifai, helps businesses build explainable and trustworthy intelligent digital systems.

Remove trust as a barrier to AI adoption. Experience for yourself the value of trust in AI models and how this can drive benefits in your business. Use Certifai to:

  • Measure & model vulnerability risk
  • Create a unique AI Trust Index
  • Generate transparent reports for all key stakeholders

The Certifai Toolkit provides a local installation with everything you need to create, run, and view scans locally:

  • Use Case: Used for local scans run by data scientists with smaller datasets.
  • Storage: Datasets must be saved locally (as .csv files with headers).
  • Scan definition: Scans may be defined locally using the Certifai CLI or in a Jupyter notebook.
  • Run scan: Scans are run from the CLI or a notebook using the API.
  • Scan output: Scan results are saved to a local file and displayed in a local instance of the Console.