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Cortex Sales Acceleration for Banking

Improve health insurance sales conversion rates, plan match, and lead generation with AI-powered insights.

Healthcare payers are challenged to deliver personalized product insights to leads, prospects and existing Members, whether shopping plans on the web or working through a broker. CognitiveSale is working with some of the largest Health insurance companies in the country on intelligent lead generation, improving personalized product insights, and trying to improve the consumer experience, and conversion rates (from leads to prospects, and from prospects to customers).

Intelligent Lead Generation

CognitiveScale is working to help clients deliver more personalized marketing content for lead generation campaigns. Social media listening skills, analysis of trends and keywords, and more targeted marketing content aims to improve lead quality and key performance indicators like qualified sales leads and then conversion to prospects.

Conversion Improvements via Personalization

CognitiveScale’s Profile of One is a 360-degree, temporal, longitudinal view of key entities (Members, Patients, Providers, Consumers, Leads, Agents, Claims). Profiles form a foundation for personalized insights and proactive interventions, so in the case of intelligent sales and conversion, when we get engaged with clients to build out Member profiles based on claims, benefits, and demographic information, for example, we can then use these profiles to drive personalized recommendations and potential plan match insights. Clients are leveraging Member profiles to understand plan recommendations, Medicare conversion insights, and enrollment processing improvements.

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