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CognitiveScale & Intermountain Healthcare Announce Initiative

Initiative to Help T1D Adolescents Successfully Transition to Self-Care as Adults

AUSTIN, TX – September 15, 2015 – Cognitive Scale, the Cognitive Cloud Company, today announced an initiative with Intermountain Healthcare that will apply the power of cognitive computing to enable adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to successfully transition to adulthood with strong self-care habits to manage their condition. Intermountain Healthcare is testing CognitiveScale’s Cognitive Cloud Fabric, and its Guided Care healthcare modules, as part of an aggressive effort to support the growing population of young adults with T1D, many of whom are now living on their own for the first time. Representing a new class of data interpretation and learning systems, CognitiveScale’s Cognitive Cloud Fabric weaves together artificial intelligence and natural language processing and reasons over structured and unstructured data. This data includes information found in databases, electronic medical records and claims systems, social media, and remote sensing devices. By delivering real-time insights through Guided Care, people with T1D and other chronic conditions are presented with personalized recommendations to help them successfully manage their health. Since the technology continuously learns and is based on an individual’s interactions, the insights and recommendations will continue to be more personalized over time. “The effort at Intermountain Healthcare will demonstrate the power of cognitive computing to enable young adults to improve self-management of their diabetes and provide clinical professionals with new insights that can greatly improve the quality of care, support, service and information delivered to their patients,” said Charles Barnett, president of CognitiveScale’s healthcare group.
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