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Cognilytica Analyst Report

Monday, April 30, 2018

Cognilytica Analyst Report

The ultimate vision of artificial intelligence (AI) for many organizations is the replacement of high cost or dangerous labor with fully autonomous agents, freeing up their existing labor to provide greater value for the organization. However, for many companies, fully substituting autonomous agents for their human counterparts is not feasible or practical. While AI technologies can fill many gaps and show promise in many areas, for the most part, the technologies are not flawless or complete enough to perform many tasks currently done by humans.

Read Cognilytica’s Briefing Note about CognitiveScale

Learn about:

  • Augmented Intelligence and the path to AI ROI
  • CognitiveScale’s Cortex platform
  • Technology details
  • Financial use cases
  • Healthcare use cases
  • eCommerce use cases

Also, view the Cognilytica AI Positioning Matrix and see where CognitiveScale is placed.

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Cognilytica Analyst Report

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