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AI Trust Index
Trust & Governance
Detect & Remediate AI Business Risk

Build Trust Into Your AI Applications

The CognitiveScale Cortex AI Platform provides explainability, fairness, robustness, and compliance to your applications—the anchors of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

Why Our Platform?

Data and Model Assessment & Governance

The CognitiveScale Cortex AI Platform answers four key questions to detect and remediate risk and bias and enable Governance of AI Applications across the enterprise.

Four Key Question About AI Trust & Governance

  • How did the AI and model arrive at its predictions?
  • Has the model been unfair to a particular group?
  • Is the model compliant with industry regulations?
  • How easily can the model be fooled?

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Eliminate the Guesswork to Understand Risk

The CognitiveScale Cortex AI Platform automates Data and Model vulnerability detection and creates black-box transparency. It explains decisions from predictive models, uncovers bias and finds weaknesses in the data.

The Six Key Elements of Trust

The CognitiveScale Cortex AI Platform generates a numeric score based on 6 key elements of trust: fairness / bias, robustness, explainability, accuracy, compliance, and data quality. Our AI Trust Index allows you to compare your model to industry benchmarks.

Role-based Reporting

Engage key stakeholders in building trusted AI with role-based reporting.

  • Data Science Teams and IT Experts
  • Product and Marketing Executives
  • Customers and Employees
  • Compliance and Risk Executives
Award Winning Enterprise AI Platform

The Components of AI Trust & Governance


Ensure AI systems and models are continually generating optimal business value


Enable human users to interpret, understand, and explain machine generated predictions

Data Risks

Uncover data drifts, detect data poisoning, and ensure data validity and fit

Bias & Fairness

Uncover bias in the underlying data types, data sets, ML model, and AI development process


Align AI development to be in line with current and emerging local and global regulations


Detect adversarial attacks that disrupt or alter long term model performance

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