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Friday, September 29, 2017

Augmented Intelligence: The AI That Is Your Ally

Augmented Intelligence: The AI That Is Your Ally

In a thought provoking article from my hometown daily, the Austin American-Statesman, I caught the following quote from Michael Jude at research firm Frost & Sullivan, “People think AI is human replacement, but it is really human augmentation and amplification.” I couldn’t agree more! In fact we’re building our business on that belief. AI is often painted as some nefarious invention that’s slowly but surely taking our jobs. But at CognitiveScale, and inside our customer organizations, AI is looked to as the pairing of man and machine, with the combination offering the potential to reimagine business.

Augmented intelligence, “the other AI, software is feedback driven, self-learning and self-assuring, emulating and extending human cognitive abilities. Augmented intelligence is allowing organizations to make sense from messy, disparate first- and third-party data, and helping to solve immediate business challenges, such as increasing customer engagement and employee productivity.

Almost without exception, we’re all working in a world of information overload. The amount of data to which we have access has never been greater, but the volume overwhelms the value. We can’t sort what’s important from what’s noise. Augmented intelligence provides a way forward, with technology adding a collaborative dimension to human reasoning and decision-making. For example, at CognitiveScale our Amplify product line uses machine intelligence to interpret multi-structured big data and user behaviors in real time, which complements employees’ expertise, allowing them to work smarter with greater results. It’s like each of us having a bionic brain! One of the nation’s top cancer centers uses this solution and as a result, patient insurance claims are successfully processed the first time more often, even while those centers saw their administrative costs drop by 15 percent. We have also worked with an European manufacturer who used AI to support the work of technical support professionals who now are successfully resolving issues in half the time they traditionally needed.

Augmented Intelligence is real and it’s helping its human counterparts deliver very real results. Over time, with even greater amounts of data and continual learning, augmented intelligence systems will help employees adapt more quickly to ever-changing business challenges, recognize opportunities that would have gone unnoticed and improve the quality of work they deliver to their employers and customers.

Want to know more? We’ve answered 10 frequently asked questions about augmented intelligence in this ebook, available for download.

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