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AI Innovation Cloud

What is AI Innovation Cloud?

CognitiveScale AI Innovation Cloud is an open Cognitive Process Innovation platform. It brings together our award winning cognitive software foundation and accelerators, our 10-10-10 framework and method, and industry recognized AI expertise.

The AI Innovation cloud helps developers and data scientists collaboratively design, assemble, deploy and manage AI powered processes and applications that are explainable and transparent in their operations. It operates alongside other clouds and helps establish artifical intelligence as a core competency.

What’s Included?

Software + Expertise + Methodology

Available today via Amazon and Microsoft clouds, the CognitiveScale AI Innovation Cloud helps clients host their data, models, runtime services, and compute where they need it — within their enterprise or across multiple clouds.


Make AI Stand for Accelerated Innovation

Rapidly deliver business outcomes by sourcing thousands of open spec AI building blocks while integrating with common AI tools, frameworks, cloud environments.

Apply and Operationalize Enterprise AI at Scale

Reduce skills and cycle time by bridging the tooling gap between data science and software dev-ops, work with data where it resides and on the cloud of your choice.

Deliver Ethically Aligned AI Systems for Your Industry

Deploy cognitive systems that are explainable and transparent in their operations and reflect your ethics, values, and industry regulatory policies.

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AI Expertise

Power Your Entire Business
with Industry-Optimized Intelligence

Deploy Your AI Systems
at the Speed of Business

AI Methodology

Quick Time to Value

CognitiveScale customers place a premium on quickly unlocking the power of AI. That we why employ our one-of-a-kind 10-10-10 methodology to deploy AI software in customers’ production environments. The result is much faster time to market and value, avoiding the delays and uncertain outcomes that are so common with AI “science projects”.

Model a cognitive process and set up environment for developers and data scientists

Build a functioning prototype using your data, infrastructure and expertise

Deploy a live AI powered system and develop expertise in-house

Start innovating now

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