Drive AI adoption and innovation at scale

AI Innovation Cloud

Make AI stand for Accelerated Innovation

Rapidly deliver business outcomes by sourcing thousands of AI building blocks ensured authenticity and audit trails

Apply and operationalize Enterprise AI at scale

Reduce required skills and cycle time by bridging the tooling gap between data science and software dev-ops, deploy GPU optimized edge compute

Deliver ethically aligned AI systems for your industry

Deploy explainable and accountable AI systems that reflect your ethics and policies, avoid unintended consequences

The Enterprise AI App Store

AI Marketplace

Access thousands of high value AI building blocks for customer engagement and process intelligence to speed up AI deployment and quality. Built on open specs to avoid vendor lock-in.

Visual AI Lifecycle Manager

AI Platform

AI Lifecycle Platform with data and model orchestration, AI personalization, explainability, assurance, and governance.

A new Edge for your AI

AI Compute

Unique GPU and CPU optimized edge compute with data and model privacy, transparency, and security. Brings compute to the data vs requiring clients to upload their data to the cloud.

Skill and scale your workforce

AI Expertise

Leverage our experts and CognitiveU to train and scale your AI developers, product managers and devops support. Utilize our AI Industry heatmaps to build your target AI portfolio

Lab to live in 90 days

AI Method

Model a use case and set up environment for developers and data scientists

Build a functioning prototype using your data and expertise

Deploy a live AI powered system and develop expertise in-house