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What is Augmented Intelligence?

While most Artificial Intelligence approaches focus on replacing humans, Augmented Intelligence Software from CognitiveScale emulates and extends human cognitive function through the pairing of people and machines. Forward-looking companies and industry experts agree that augmented intelligence is the most effective way to maximize the value of AI.

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Financial Services

Increase client engagement and loyalty, decrease operational costs, and reduce the risks and costs of compliance using AI-powered systems for Financial Services.

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Improve healthcare administrative processes and operations with AI-powered revenue cycle management, billing, and claims systems.

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Digital Commerce

Engage every customer and media consumer through AI-powered 1:1 personalized and contextualized omni-channel experiences, increasing customer acquisition, conversion, engagement, and retention.

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Additional Industries

Explore Augmented Intelligence Systems for Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing, Travel and Hospitality, and others. Contact a product specialist today to make AI work for your industry.

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Learn, Build, and Deploy at the Speed of Business

Deploy Augmented Intelligence systems that learn, adapt, and scale your enterprise in real time to constantly changing data, conditions, and events. Explore Industry optimized Cortex AI Systems that are ready to be deployed, or build yours using CognitiveScale Cortex Augmented Intelligence platform.

CognitiveScale’s 10-10-10 method helps businesses configure and visualize their first AI System in 10 days, have it live and learning in 10 weeks, and pay for itself in 10 months.

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