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What We Do

CognitiveScale Cortex software pairs human and machine intelligence to augment and enhance customer experience and boost process and operational productivity in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner.

Financial Services

  • Drive client engagement
  • Increase services productivity
  • Improve research insights
  • Reduce Risks


  • Enhance acquisition and underwriting
  • Improve claims processes
  • Adjust policies intelligently
  • Transform the call center


  • Decrease bad debts
  • Manage invoice exceptions
  • Drive better outcomes
  • Improve patient scheduling

Digital Commerce

  • Hyper-personalize engagement
  • Discover sales opportunities
  • Target digital content
  • Transform helpdesks

Proven and Trusted

CognitiveScale’s Augmented Intelligence (AI) software pairs humans and machines to enhance customer experience and transform business processes in a practical, scalable, and responsible manner.

Our Cortex AI Software

Radically simplify the development, deployment and management of enterprise AI systems. Cortex is the first enterprise AI software that drives 70% cost savings to build an AI solution, 3x faster speed to realizing business value, and 60% reduction in support and maintenance.

Cortex Process Accelerators

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Cortex Process Platform

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Our Method

Deploy Augmented Intelligence systems that learn, adapt, and scale your enterprise in real time to constantly changing data, conditions, and events.

Model a cognitive process and set up environment for developers and data scientists

Build a functioning prototype using your data, infrastructure and expertise

Deploy a live AI powered system and develop expertise in-house


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