Industrialize Enterprise AI on an open platform.

Integrate and accelerate actionable decision intelligence into your existing business processes and applications. Drive smarter, more reliable outcomes across your entire business, from sales to marketing and beyond.

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Operationalizing AI just got a whole lot easier.

Build & Manage

Rapidly build and orchestrate AI systems on any cloud with a low-code visual workbench.
Empower citizen developers in-house and save money by scaling resources and reusing assets.

Govern & Trust

Ensure AI governance by infusing trust and explainability into AI models.
Detect and score model risks and lower dev and support costs with standardized tools and an open platform.

Integrate & Accelerate

Integrate easily to accelerate outcomes and time to value with pre-built, industry ready blueprints built on top of the platform.
Automate insights, actions and learnings for scalable results.


Cost Savings to build AI


Reduced TCO for AI solutions


Faster time to value

Drive Hyper-personalization that learns, with AI-powered solutions.

Infuse intelligence into existing business processes and create personalized, proactive, and predictive interactions, across every stage of your customer journey.

From driving proactive outreach to predicting caller intent, CognitiveScale makes it easy to tap into intelligence as the driving force behind every interaction. Combining all data—declared and observed activities—you get AI-powered inferences for smarter, more informed next best actions.

Create a robust digital portrait for every entity—people, businesses, even products—that’s constantly learning, and drive better results—lower cost and measurable value through every phase of the customer journey.

Trusted by Leading Global Brands

Proven, Trusted, Industry AI Solutions.


Our AI Applications improve patient outcomes, increase employee productivity and drive down the cost of care.


Our AI Applications improve client engagement and service experience while reducing operating costs.


Our AI Applications improve member servicing and engagement while reducing operating costs.

Digital Commerce

Our AI Applications improve customer engagement and increase customer conversion rates and retention while lowering operating costs.

Cortex Fabric: The visual, powerful, everywhere and open enterprise AI platform that your cloud and data needs.

Version 6 of our Cortex Fabric platform is a breakthrough in visual orchestration and automation.  Taking the power of the previous generations and unleashing it on your cloud of choice with a new interface, and low code services.   It is what Enterprise AI has been missing, and it’s here today

“We're developing our "AI First" strategy with Cortex as the foundation, one process at a time. The potential use of Cortex within Anthem is unlimited.”

Rajeev RonankiSVP, Chief Digital Officer - Anthem

Cortex Certifai: Answers your need before the questions are asked.

Even the best engineered AI systems suffer from dangerous unintended biases that may exist in your data and models. Cortex Certifai makes AI trustworthy and explainable by scoring your outcomes across six critical dimensions so you can make a stand on issues that matter. It will also provide you a path for a better outcome.

  • Fairness
  • Compliance
  • Explainability

“Mitigating AI business risk and increasing compliance is a priority at HSBC. CognitiveScale & Cortex Certifai brings valuable control and transparency into our AI solutions.”

Gavin MunroeHSBC's Global CIO of Retail & Wealth Banking
  • Data Quality
  • Performance
  • Robustness

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CognitiveScale’s team is growing around our key values that guide us: responsibility, people first, courage, teamwork and innovation.

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