Business Opportunity

With the rise of mobile Health, we have a meaningful opportunity to extend care beyond the traditional clinical setting and begin fulfilling the vision of “continuous care” to better understand and engage patients.

Empowering patients and their care teams means we must improve visibility into patients’ lives outside of the clinical setting. Increased visibility into external factors and patient behavior drives great potential to discover previously invisible insights. Wrapped in a personalized experience, these insights give patients new motivation to engage.

The outcomes are possible with our Deep Cognition EngineTM, the next evolution of cloud computing and machine intelligence. This technology enables individuals to make sense of interconnected and complex data, providing a new dimension to decision making. Over time, our Healthcare Cognitive Cloud drives transformational healthcare and business results.

Transforming Business Outcomes

Reduced ER
Visits annually

Reduced Hospital
use rate

Annual Savings
of 10 Million +

Machine Intelligence Powers Healthcare

Precision medicine must go beyond the clinic. ENGAGE for Healthcare is cloud-based, feedback driven cognitive software that provides care, services, and support to individuals and care managers with chronic conditions and diseases in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Aware of factors outside of the clinical setting, ENGAGE for Healthcare analyzes an individual’s environment and behavior to deliver targeted health-related interventions and recommendations in the places where people spend most of their time—outside of the hospital. As new data and user feedback is submitted, the system’s recommendations adapt and become more personalized, ultimately driving lower hospital utilization, lower costs, and higher quality scores.

Improve the Patient Experience


Engage patients through goal-focused, contextual and actionable insights based on medication, diet, schedule, lifestyle, and socio-economic needs. As patients submit feedback, the system learns, enhances the patient’s cognitive profile, and future insights are automatically tuned to account for preferences and the changing environment.

Empower the Care Manager


The future of healthcare requires continuous care. Care managers need to see beyond the clinic and make sense of dynamically changing conditions in patient behavior and environment. This information will enable delivery of personalized insights about patients and populations with timely interventions to reduce avoidable hospitalizations.

Inform the Population Executive


Augment predictive models with 360-degree visibility of clinical, environmental, social, and behavioral factors. Identify vulnerabilities in care delivery. Instantly update with machine generated insights and advice to better understand population risk, manage quality of care, reduce costs and deliver better outcomes.