Business Opportunity

Financial institutions are under tremendous pressure. Existing and next generation clients are increasingly expecting a high standard of engagement, transparency, and digital personalization from their interactions with banks. While traditional banks have the trusted and recognized brand names, competition is growing through a burgeoning fintech industry, roboadvisors, and disintermediation, all driven by big data, analytics, and cognitive computing. These financial institutions must address this disruption while maintaining their regulatory obligations through compliance, audit, and capital holding requirements.

Transforming Business Outcomes

Increased Client
Engagement &

Increase in
Annual Assets
Under Management

Reduction in
Cost to Serve


With ENGAGE for Financial Services, rapidly weave the power of cognitive insights and advice into your existing Banking and Wealth Management mobile apps and website using our secure, pre-trained Cognitive Banking APIs. Transforms how financial institutions use machine intelligence to engage their clients through the entire life-cycle of on-boarding and advisory services, to on-going risk management and customer support.

ENGAGE for Financial Services delivers highly personalized and tailored insights to both wealth clients and financial advisors. It transforms both direct and advisor-assisted engagement to drive client loyalty, transparency, and conversion while enabling financial advisors to serve up to 10x more clients and improving back office governance, risk and compliance.



Provide wealth clients with personalized and contextual insights triggered by market events, research articles, policy changes and its impact to their financial portfolio, based on a deep understanding of their profile. Capture all client interactions, declared, and observed behavior to build a rich profile as the foundation to deliver targeted and suitable market, portfolio, and investment advice.



Deliver timely and relevant insights to wealth managers to better understand and advise their clients as they progress through a journey, from identification, on-boarding, servicing, on going and management. Understand each clients unique goals, risk characteristics, life events to deliver tailored insights based on changing market conditions, news, and research as it pertains to attainment of their financial goals.



Ensure your advisors are guiding their clients in a manner that is consistent with the policies, standards, best practices, and procedures that your organization has specified. Reduce your operational risk exposure and drive greater awareness of the business guidance specified. This will not only ensure that the guidance you provide your clients is consistent with your intended best practices but drive a higher level of transparency on your compliance in a real-time and trusted way for all stakeholders.