Business Opportunity

Digital Commerce is largely a cookie cutter experience from website to website and now app to app. Conversion rates average between 1-3%. By 2018, 70% of eCommerce will move from B2C to other disruptive models that focus on individual customer experience. Shoppers stay anonymous, don’t download the retailer’s app, yet demand a tailored experience. Current personalization is largely customer segmentation driven.

How can retail executives drive a sizable jump in Conversion and Engagement metrics? How can they differentiate from the 800,000 pure-plays out there today? Is it possible to predict what the shopper wants and provide recommendations even before they start typing? Who can curate massive amounts of unstructured social data, shopper’s digital exhaust, and then serve up a rich engaging experience all powered by a unique Profile of One? How can we allow consumers to shop the way they think - fully tailored for them - even anonymously? What will a learning commerce site or app look like? Come see ENGAGE for Commerce. This is Machine Intelligence in action.





Machine Intelligence Powers Commerce

Weave ENGAGE for Commerce into your existing Commerce mobile apps and website in a matter of days using our pre-trained Cognitive Commerce API. ENGAGE is secure cloud-based service that uses machine learning, NLP, and advanced analytics to provide advice and insights to shoppers, associates, and buyers. Deliver transformative user experiences you couldn’t power before. Engage shoppers by allowing them to see hyper-personalized sites/apps & search and to shop how they think - based on context, event, occasion, location. ENGAGE builds a continuously self-learning Cognitive Profile of One to help shoppers receive personalized shopping advice and hyper-personalized offers that are both contextual and actionable.

Through the shopper’s cognitive profile, ENGAGE API enables associates and online reps to provide personalized recommendations based on pricing, color, fit, style preferences, digital engagement patterns, and prior shopping history—online or in-store. Buyers receive timely machine intelligence curated from millions of personalized profiles, shoppers’ digital exhaust, and trends to make better assortment and merchandising decisions. Drive massive jumps in conversion and engagement rates.

Transform Shopper Experience


Deliver an individualized experience around every shopper across your website, mobile and in-store properties. Engage consumers by allowing them to shop based on context, event, occasion, or location. Build a continuously self-learning profile that helps shoppers receive hyper-personalized shopping advice and targeted offers that are contextual and actionable. Deliver experiences such as “Intelligent Gamification”, “What-Goes-With-What” and “Help-Me-Decide”. Tailor entire sites/apps around each shopper.

Empower Omni-Channel Associates


What if you could surface shopping advice powered by the shopper’s Profile of One to enable highly personalized, contextual side-by-side clienteling conversations with the store associate? Associates can now deliver hyper-personalized recommendations based on pricing/color/fit/style preferences, digital engagement patterns, and prior shopping history. Online or in-store.



Use Intent to power Assortment. Buyers & Merchants can now receive timely machine intelligence curated from millions of personalized profiles, shoppers’ digital exhaust and trends to make better assortment and merchandising decisions. Marketers are now able to have a ‘reason-to-contact’ the right shopper at the right place, at the right time – powered by their Profile of One.