Top Retail Tech Trends To Look For at #NRF17

By: Nij (Neeraj) Chawla

AI is one of the biggest and most exciting areas of innovation in retail. Machine intelligence is transforming the entire shopping experience — moving us away from cookie cutter shopping on websites and apps, to a much more personalized and scalable one-to-one relationship between retailers and each of their customers. Soon it won’t be unheard of for your favorite stores to know that you prefer dark blue over red, or that you pride yourself on being a bargain Read More »


The coming backlash against Artificial Intelligence and how to handle it

By: Manoj Saxena

Use AI’s potential to Augment, not Abolish Jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from a mesmeric technology to a powerful teammate and a foundation for enterprise and consumer decision making. However, AI is a young field full of amazing potential. It’s mystery and lack of understanding is also allowing for hype to grow unchecked. Unrealistic claims by advertising agencies of large technology companies of an “AI nirvana” and portrayals by Hollywood movie producers of an “AI apocalypse” are Read More »


A Little AI Goes a Long Way: AI Europe Conference Showcases Practical Cognitive Applications

By: Trent Navran

The CognitiveScale team just returned from AI Europe 2016 in London. As Europe is leading the way in machine learning, it was no surprise to see the number of specialized AI solutions and talent on display at AI Europe. AI in legal and accounting were two popular areas, but what was most prevalent was the number of attendees researching practical new solutions and capabilities in AI. Among the many speakers, Terry Jones, co-founder of Wayblazer, founder of Travelocity Read More »


Building the Infrastructure of Trust: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

By: admin

At the 2016 AI World Conference in San Francisco, Shivon Zilis and James Cham presented their newly minted Machine Intelligence 3.0 Landscape. Among the notable features of the infographic was the dedicated healthcare section, separate from the rest of the industries. In addition to the 25 healthcare specific companies the Bloomberg Beta partners highlighted, there are also a number of cross-industry companies listed, like CognitiveScale, that are working to tackle challenges of health management with cognitive computing. It Read More »


Winning with machine intelligence at Cognite2016 — Global leaders share AI best practices

By: Shaku Selvakumar

Cognite2016 is a wrap! CognitiveScale would like to thank everyone who attended last week, especially our customers, partners, and friends who shared their perspectives and discussed how cognitive computing is improving their businesses. The theme of Cognite2016 was clear — every user engagement, process, and business that can be transformed by cognitive computing will be. We’re seeing this evolution happen today in massive industries like healthcare, financial services, commerce, and procurement. We were fortunate to hear about these Read More »


Scaling for success: Our Series B Financing with Norwest Venture Partners and Intel Capital

By: Akshay Sabhikhi

There have been many technologies with the potential to change the world, but nothing comes close to the promise and potential of AI and its ability to transform businesses and industries.  Combined with the maturity of Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, and Analytics, we’re truly at the forefront of a massive technology revolution, arguably at the same scale and impact of the web browser. AI as a discipline has been around for a long time, but the lack of Read More »


Manoj Saxena talks Artificial Intelligence with Gigaom

By: Manoj Saxena

  Manoj Saxena is the executive chairman of CognitiveScale and a founding managing director of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund IV (TEF), a $100m seed fund focused exclusively on the cognitive computing space. Saxena is also the chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, San Antonio branch and Chairman, SparkCognition an Austin based cognitive security and safety analytics company. Prior to joining TEF, Saxena was general manager, IBM Watson, where his team built the world’s first cognitive systems in healthcare, Read More »


Changing Patient-Centric Care with Machine Intelligence

By: Shaku Selvakumar

In 2014, The Milken Institute published the study Chronic Disease and Wellness in America. They found that “In the realm of health, there are no more deadly and costly threats to patients, their families, and the economy than chronic disease.” By 2025, the RAND Corporation project that chronic diseases will affect an estimated 164 million Americans — nearly half (49%) of the population. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that Chronic diseases account for more than 75% of Read More »


Austin State of Mind: Driving Innovation at the Chamber of Commerce

By: Akshay Sabhikhi

It’s an exciting time to live and work in Austin. This has been my home since 1989. I graduated from the University of Texas and worked in the local startup sector, where I experienced both the software revolution of the 1990s and the dot-com crash of 2001, and later joined IBM during a major turning point in its history. From all these vantage points I witnessed Austin transform into a global technology hub with rich employment opportunities. I’m Read More »


Answering the How: HIMSS16 Recap

By: Navaneeth Nair

The CognitiveScale healthcare team recently returned home from an exciting week in Vegas for the one and only HIMSS 2016. Among the 1500 health IT vendors, and 100s of education sessions, there were a few themes that boldly dominated the conference: risk analytics, telehealth, and, most importantly, population health. You can think of population health in terms of three overarching questions. Whom do we engage? Identify a population that needs to be targeted by aggregating clinical, administrative, and Read More »


Three trends to be on the lookout for at HIMSS16

By: Andrew Chen

  In just a few days, HIMSS will be underway. As always, this conference is the perfect time to scope out new approaches to the biggest IT challenges in healthcare. I’m particularly excited to see the latest in health startups and where the big investments are going. There are three trends I’ll be on the lookout for at HIMSS16. 1) Leveraging IOT & mobile to boost patient engagement Healthcare organizations are experiencing increasing economic pressure to drive better Read More »


A Data Linguist on a Software Team

By: Hannah Lindsley

From undergrads in music and social work, to PhDs in philosophy, to those who never graduated high school — I’ve had quite a variety of co-workers during the ten years I’ve been in tech. Of course, in every software company you’ll find your traditional computer science and engineering graduates as well. However, there’s a significant and growing population of developers who took a different path to learn to code and are building a profession out of it. I hold a Read More »


Five Reasons JARVIS Is Not a Job Killer

By: Manoj Saxena

One of the main themes at last month’s World Economic Forum in Davos was the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or the ongoing impact of smart machines on the global economy. Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will help us address some of the world’s most difficult problems, like cancer and climate change. At the same time smart machines will be globally disruptive, forcing millions of people out of their jobs and requiring them to retrain. The debate at WEF Read More »


Retail’s Cognitive Recap — NRF 2016

By: Andrea Ricaurte

Cognitive computing made its grand entrance at NRF’s BIG show 2016. Between the rise of machine learning and IBM Watson opening up its services in the cloud, some interesting companies have emerged. At NRF, retail got its first taste of the best cognitive technologies on the market. Here are some highlights. Take a step back. What exactly is cognitive? Cognitive computing is a new class of machines that learn like we do — by reading stuff and asking questions, continuously Read More »


Trending in 2016: Next Machina. Augmented Intelligence.

By: Shaku Selvakumar

From business disruptors to innovative thinkers, machine learning specialists to data linguists, healthcare advocates to wealth management gurus, e-commerce thinkers to customer experience futurists, we have quite the variety of thought leaders at CognitiveScale. All of us are intrigued by the potential of cognitive computing and augmented intelligence to transform business. In the tech world, it’s an end-of-year tradition to speculate about the year ahead. This holiday season, we launch our new blog by exploring the key trends Read More »


Dominating Digital Disruption

By: Shaku Selvakumar

The technology shifts that present opportunities to create new business models also disrupt existing systems in today’s fast paced world. As the pace of change accelerates, more and more countries and companies are struggling to stay afloat. R “Ray” Wang who is the Principal Analyst, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research discusses their 2014 report on what companies need to consider to manage change and dominate digital disruption. Why is digitalization of business a disruptive factor? Since 2000, Read More »


Cognitive computing & AI can help US healthcare companies thrive

By: Shaku Selvakumar

By Charles Barnett, President, Healthcare Group Our communities, our states and our country are facing an unprecedented demand for health care, services and support for our residents who suffer from one or more chronic conditions. As of 2012, about half of all adults, 117 million people have one or more chronic diseases. One of four adults has two or more chronic diseases (CDC) 84% of all health care spending in 2006 was for the 50% of the population Read More »


Goldman Sachs: Special Report on Artificial Intelligence

By: Shaku Selvakumar

The real consequences of artificial intelligence From the editor: In this edition we cogitate on the increasing transition of artificial intelligence into the mainstream, commercial world and its potentially disruptive implications and uses. We interview three experts on this subject and include our global analysts’ views. Interview with Manoj Saxena on Page 15. Read more: Download PDF »


Where are the Opportunities for Cognitive Computing Startups?

By: Manoj Saxena

Winning game show contestant, chef, travel agent, intelligent phone assistant, personal shopper, financial advisor and cancer fighter. These are just some of the roles that first-generation cognitive computing applications have played over the past few years. With so many ways to apply the power of cognitive computing to change how we work and live, the potential of this emerging market segment is limitless. Its potential could rival the one we saw at the onset of the commercial Internet Read More »


Big Data Project Faltering? Here’s How Cognitive Computing Will Save It.

By: Akshay Sabhikhi

When Big Data first broke on the scene, it was all the talk. The data deluge dominated conversations from the break room to the Boardroom. We all shared jaw-dropping stats including the fact that humans create more data in two days than was created in all of history up until the year 2003. At that time, the evolution of Big Data, the explosion of social media and the meteoric rise of mobile created a perfect storm as tremendous Read More »


Is your data TRUSTworthy?

By: Matt Sanchez